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The offices of Dr. Rhonda Eickholt MHAPRN are committed to improving and promoting health and mental health wellness of the communities of Western Montana and surrounding areas. Additional resources within our offices include outpatient therapy services and access to massage therapy.

Dr. Rhonda Eickholt has over 34 years of clinical practice with the majority of practice within the realm of mental health. She further advanced her education by obtaining her doctorate in clinical family and individual psychiatric practice. A doctorate degree as a mental health nurse practitioner is a newer highly recognized degree and certification that means that over 2,000 supervised clinical and residency hours were required to acquire this degree. Along with general medical knowledge, specialization in children, adolescent and family mental health education is the basis of her practice. This includes psychiatric evaluations, consultations, genetic metabolic testing, mental health psychiatric medication prescribing, coordination of care with other providers, and therapy for individuals, couples and families.

Holistic, homeopathic and alternative options are considered in addition to other biochemical options that may be necessary. Providing collaboration with client's outside providers is considered essential and supplemental referrals are often a major function. Extra time is spent on patient education, with emphasis on self-cares and empowerment of one's own mental health.

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